Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Studio

I am linking up with Room Remix Craft Organization and Inspiration Party.  Be sure to go check out all the inspiration.  :-)

So our house is now officially on the market... I have cleaned, decluttered, painted, rearranged, etc and quite frankly I am tired.  Since my studio is cleaner than it has ever been, I thought it would be a great time to post photos of it. 

It is just me and hubby here, so I am fortunate enough to have the upstairs to myself.  My studio consists of a game room (my studio) and a bedroom (my office) and a bathroom (so I don't have to go downstairs).  I love all the space that I have, however I don't like being upstairs away from the action.    In our new house (in Texas), my studio will be in the office right off the living room... I really think I will like that better, however I will definitely have to keep things tiddy. 

This is the view when you come up the stairs into my studio, my office is to the left.  I have two desks together in an "L" shape so I can have a friend over to play.  The two doors are a closet with lots of shelves... the shelves are very full with my supplies.  I saw the desks in Ballard Designs catalog and loved them... but I didn't love the price.  I found very similiar desks at Target for a much more budget friendly price and found the baskets at Michaels, on sale of course.

This space looks down at the front door... so I can see who is there before I go down to answer the door.  :-)  If it's a salesman, I don't waste a trip down stairs.  Seriously, this opening lets in a lot of natural light.  It would be very dark up here without that opening, and the girls (my two little Min Pin's) love to stand there and look out. 

This is the wall opposite from the desks.  To the right are the stairs.  The door in the corner is to the attic.  The shelves and small desk are from Target.

This is the view standing in the doorway of my office.  The armoire holds lots of supplies... I found it at Lowes (several years ago), unfinished and painted it white.  That's Priscilla asleep in the basket, she will be 14 years old on December 20. 

My desk, from the Christopher Lowell collection at Office Depot.  The cork board is similiar to one I saw in the Ballard Designs catalog and again the price was a bit much for my taste... so half off frame sale at Hobby Lobby plus one can of black spray paint plus a standard office corkboard that I already had and there you have it.  Same look, much less expensive.  :-)

This chest is another Target piece.  The framed art on the wall is scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby in 12x12 frames from Michaels (all on sale at half off).   The picture frame is from Hobby Lobby at half off as well, and I printed a free download from The Graphics Fairy to go inside.  I love that quote.  She has some really neat graphics on her site, you NEED to go check it out.

Another shot of the armoire and decorative things on the wall... all from Hobby Lobby. 

This is Sophia (she just turned 3 years old), she watched me take all the photos while Priscilla slept in her basket.  Thank you for visiting. 


Carole B. said...

I guess I can come and visit the blog every Wednesday - but it still won't be the same :(

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Love your space! My stamping space and office is at the top of the steps above the foyer, too. I don't have enough room in mine for the L-shaped stamping area though...that woud be really nice to have.

Sophie is so cute!

Kathi said...

Your space is gorgeous! Good luck with the move.

I haven't visited in a while. Bad me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

cajunsis said...

I love your space and I hope your new one is even better :-) I also love that little furbaby looking up at us... lol... now Miss Pris, she is (of course) being anti-social. Of course, you might need to share a picture of her so I can remember the nips at my ankles. ;-) I hope she is not teaching Sophia bad manners.

Keep sharing pics! I love them!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's awesome that you had so much space to work with. My favorite part is the sewing desk with the bookshelves on either side, and the way you arranged your storage on the shelves. Of course, I'm thinkin' "Keep Calm and Carry On" might be a must for my craft room (especially if I'm sewing :-)). Thanks so much for linking up to the party today! Enjoy your week...

Stephanie Lynn said...

Love the wall color...how inspiring in itself! Great space - well done! Happy New Year!

Kathy said...

Nice to meet you and your great SPACE!!!
Wow, You must love having all this space to work with...Nice Job!
Just posted one of my rooms also through Room Remix...Stop over! Love to have you...
xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Just Playin' said...

Very spacious! And NEAT! You've got lots of space to create. Enjoy your new place in TX.

Sonia said...

I found your blog in another site. BEAUTIFUL BLOG. Fabulous works!
Your Sophia have the same colors of our dog. Our doggie call "Nacho"